7 Best Stick and Poke Tattoo Kits for Amazing DIY Tattoos

Tattooing is a multifaceted culture. Tattoos are engraved differently on the bodies of people from different places. Its even more exciting because you can obtain a tattoo on your own using a stick and poke tattoo kit.

Stick and poke tattoos, also known as hand-poked tattoos, are one type of tattoo that may be done at home. Hand-poked tattoos are popular and in demand among tattoo aficionados who do not have a significant budget for pricey tattoo equipment or visits to tattoo parlors.

Stigma Tattoo Kit for Beginners

A good stick and poke tattoo kit is required to have a hand-poked DIYtattoo, which is simpler, easier, cheaper, and more handy than a tattoo machine. Although the kits are wonderful for do-it-yourself tattooing, understanding the hazards is always important.

In this article, we will examine the 7 best stick and poke tattoo kits, as well as provide a shopping guide and some helpful advice.


  1. Best Overall: Dragonhawk Hand Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit for Beginners
  2. Best Quality: HAWINK Hand Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit for DIY Tattoos
  3. Best Rating: Solong Professional Hand Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit with Tattoo Supplies
  4. Longest Use: Looney Zoo Premium Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit for Safe Hand-Poked Tattoos
  5. Best Use: Wormhole Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit for Home Use (Hand Poking Tattoo Kit)
  6. Best Value for Money: Chiitek Stick and Poke Tattoo Pen Kit by Hand
  7. Moricher Hand Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit with Ink

1. Dragonhawk Hand Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit for Beginners

Dragonhawk Hand Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit
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Brand: Dragonhawk

Item Weight: About 10 g

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

The Stick and Poke Tattoo kit contains;

  • Tattoo needles using a poke pen
  • Skin black ink to practice
  • Tattoo design photos Covers
  • Other materials

Because of the brands great reputation and positive customer feedback, we evaluated the Dragonhawk kit as the best overall stick and poke tattoo kit. The kit allows users to ractice the skill of getting amazing tattoos at home. Unlike pricey tattoo guns, this inexpensive hand poke tattoo kit includes incredible tools.

Everything required to create stunning and welcoming tattoos is available. Despite its simplicity, the kit produces the most attractive tattoos. Once you have it, you will receive the original poke pen, practice skin and mark pen, among and other things.

This kits needle provides a professional touch. Because they are made of stainless steel, they are quite safe. As a result, even for persons with sensitive skin, the reaction rate is low. When dealing with these tools, especially the poke pen, the grip is fantastic; it is ergonomic, which aids in precision.

Furthermore, the lightweight and excellent design enables maximum mobility during tattooing.

  • Controlling needles and poking pens is simple.
  • Tools that can be reused
  • Super lightweight poke pen
  • 3D created tools that are easily reusable
  • Skin for functional training
  • There are no magnum needles in it.
  • Not recommended for major tattoo coloring.

2. HAWINK Hand Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit for DIY Tattoos

HAWINK Hand Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit
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Brand: Hawink

Item Weight: 12.31 Ounces

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

Kit contains;

  • Tattoo pen for the hand
  • Tattoo ink bottles
  • 1/6 ounce tattoo ink transfer paper in 7 colours
  • Tattoo needles (316 stainless steel medical grade)
  • Nipples from tattoo needles
  • a pair of single-use gloves
  • Tattoo tablecloths
  • Skin for tattoo practise
  • Wrap around tattoo grip

It’s always fun to experiment with home-based tattooing. What you need is a nice starter kit that includes all of the basic tools. Hawkin stick and poke kit supply is an excellent option for at- home tattooing. Unlike other kits that only include one ink colour, this hand poking kit has seven. As a result, users can draw tattoos from scratch or utilize the kit for restorative work.

Its ideal for anyone whose tattoos are fading or who wants to put some finishing touches to their current ones. It is not only a multipurpose kit, but the tools are also reusable. The kit is designed to be reusable as long as they are thoroughly sterilized.

Because repairing a needle is so simple, the kit is suitable for use at any time and in any place. Furthermore, the compact design allows the user to transport it in a rucksack. There are no adjustment required, unlike tattoo guns, which are ideal for ease of usage. The needles are made of medical-grade stainless steel 316. Individual examination also ensures quality perfection and consistency.

Finally, the pen is lightweight and has an easy needle attachment. There is exceptional precision when coloring or outlining a tattoo.

  • High-precision needles are created.
  • Ideal for tattoo rework
  • Various ink hues
  • Simple needle attachment on a poke pen is ideal for beginners
  • Not recommended for professional tattooing
  • It has the appearance of being of low quality

3. Solong Professional Hand Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit with Tattoo Supplies

Solong Professional Hand Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit
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Brand: Solong

Item Weight: 11.36 Ounces

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

Kit contains:

  • 20 mixed tattoo needles ( various sizes)
  • 1 stick & poke pen 3D printed.
  • 7 tattoo inks (5ml)
  • Ten grommets
  • 1 skin practice
  • 20 grommets in various colors
  • 1 grip wrap in black
  • 1 pair of extra-large gloves
  • Tattoo ink cups 30

A hand-done tattoo can appear difficult, but there is no big case with the Solong professional hand poke tattoo kit.  The simple-looking kit allows you to apply a tattoo without difficulty. Unlike other starter kits, this one is of high quality.

As a result, you may get a spectacular stick and poke tattoo right at home. Everything in this stick and poke-tattoo kit is of high quality, including the needles, poke pen, and other instruments. It signifies that they can be reused after their initial use.

You can use and reuse it several times with proper sterilization without affecting its effectiveness. These stick and poke materials are excellent because they are simple to use. Its simple to insert the needles into the poke pen. The hand poke pen was expertly constructed utilizing 3D printing.

It is the ideal size and weight for maximum performance. Aside from the pen, needles of various sizes are included. They are composed of stainless steel and are non-irritating to human skin. As a result, no cutting is required.

Unlike coils, the grommets allow for quick and secure needle implantation. It is now feasible to get new tattoos or fix fading ones without having to buy fresh ink. The home tattoo kit includes seven colors that you may use alone or mix to create a unique shade. There is practice skin for those seeking perfection. As a result, you can have pre-practices before attempting it on real flesh.

  • Buckle-style hand poke
  • Plastic that is both dependable and recyclable
  • Needles those are lightweight and accurate
  • Excellent stick and poke package for practise
  • Needles made of medical-grade stainless steel
  • Tattoo designs are not included in the package.

4. Looney Zoo Premium Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit for Safe Hand-Poked Tattoos

Looney Zoo Premium Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit
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Brand: Looney Zoo

Item Weight: 1.76 Ounces

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

Kit contains

  • 1 × Custom 3D printed and poke tattoo pen
  • 20 × Rubber grommets,
  • 10 × 9rl needles
  • 5 × 5rl needles
  • 5 × 5rs needles

The days of merely getting tattoo in a parlour are passed. You may have fun creating gorgeous tattoos at home. Its simple to create a great hand-poked tattoo with some premium stick and poke tattoo kits. Looney Zoo is one of the nest kits that offers everything needed to lay down tattoos smoothly.

Using these tools help the use want to conduct some creative work. They don’t need to apply much pressure because the needles are so sharp. One thing is that the tool are of high quality. Tattoo experts put them through rigorous testing. As a result, everybody who uses this finest hand poke kit receives tattoos of professional grade.

Unlike low-quality alternatives, the kit is made by a professional staff in Los Angeles. From the 3D printed  hand poke pen to the high quality needles, you obtain professional-looking tattoos. Overall, the hand poke tattoo kit is quite light and easy to take about in your pocket, allowing you to get a tattoo anywhere you go without being bulky.

  • Professionally designed and tested
  • Silicone skin for practise
  • High-quality needles in a variety of sizes
  • Extremely light and compact
  • Snaps for attachment are all that is required.
  • Hand poke pen 3D printed
  • There will be no tattoo inks.
  • You do not receive complimentary hand gloves.
  • Price is relatively high.

5. Wormhole Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit for Home Use (Hand Poking Tattoo Kit)

Wormhole Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit
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Brand: Wormhole

Item Weight: 9.07 Ounces

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

Kit contains

  • 1 × Blank tattoo practice skin
  • 2 × Tattoo table covers (waterproof and disposable)
  • 1 × Manual
  • 1 × Hand poke tattoo pen
  • 5 × Tattoo ink caps
  • 2 × Pieces of transfer paper
  • 10 × Tattoo needles
  • 1 × Tattoo grip cover wrap
  • 10 × Tattoo needle nipples
  • 1 × 1 oz tattoo ink (black)
  • 1 × Pair of disposable gloves

The Wormhole stick and poke tattoo kit is one of the most affordable manual tattoo kits for beginners. It is an excellent choice for simple and obvious designs because to its low pricing. The hand poke kit requires no training to use because it comes with an essay-to-follow instruction manual.

Because fitting a needle is so straight forward, the simplistic design is ideal. There is no need to adjust the needle once it is in position. Maximum grip is provided by a combination of needles nipples and cover wraps. There should be no movements when fitting the needle; guarantee consistency in tattooing depth. Aside from the tattoo designs, the kit includes ink. It’s a ready-to-use kit.

Furthermore, the tools are simple to construct and operate without requiring any adjustments. The needles are actually the proper length and have a gentle poking pen. One of the benefits of using the stick and poke kit is its ease of use and professional appearance. The pen boasts a long-lasting and ergonomic design. The needle fitting is very excellent thanks to the triple buckles.

  • Simple instruction manual
  • Excellent for those who are new to permanent tattoos.
  • Tattoo needles of the proper size
  • Needles that have been sterilised and individually packed
  • Design that is user-friendly for beginners
  • Elegant tattoo designs
  • Tattoo ink is only available in one colour.

6. Chiitek Stick and Poke Tattoo Pen Kit by Hand

Chiitek Stick and Poke Tattoo Pen Kit
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Brand: Chiitek

Item Weight: 3.84 Ounces

Warranty: 1 Year

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

Kit contains;

  • 20 × Tattoo needles (sterilized)
  • 1 × Shaver kit
  • 1 × Stick and poke tattoo pen
  • 2 × Pairs of gloves
  • 10 × Grommets

The first step towards enjoying high-quality tattoos is to have a comprehensive sick and poke equipment. Chiitek is one of the best-performing kits for getting tattoos without leaving your house.

The hand poke tattoo kit is simple in design and provides a lightweight method for people to receive tattoos anywhere. The package includes simple methods for drawing tattoos and coloring. With several needles, its simple to select the best one for the job.

Aside from the many needles, the pen is intended to provide free tattoos. The poke pen features an ergonomic shape that is ideal for tattooing with precision. Because it is so light, the Chiitek tattoo kit provides an excellent experience.

This allows the user to easily perfect and enable amazing DIY tattoos at home. The hand poke pen is simple to put together. The poke pen has a good grip, and grommets keep the needles from moving while tattooing. This is one of the easiest kits to use when compared to others. Shaving people with hairy skin before tattooing is straightforward using a shaving kit.

  • Free latex gloves
  • Sticky pencils and a poke pen
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Pen that can be sterilised easily.
  • Shaving equipment for free
  • Pieces packed individually
  • It does not include ink or practise skin.

7. Moricher Hand Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit with Ink

Moricher Hand Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit
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Brand: Moricher

Item Weight: 3.88 Ounces

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

Kit contains;

  • 1 × Tattoo Ink
  • 10 × Tattoo ink cups
  • 10 × Tattoo needle nipples
  • 5 × Tattoo needles (1205rl)
  • 1 × Stick and poke Tattoo Pen
  • 5 × Tattoo needles (1203rl)
  • 1 × Disposable cohesive tattoo grip cover wrap

While everyone is looking for the best place to get their first tattoo, you can do it at home. However, the best stick and poke equipment is required for the greatest outcomes. Moricher is one of the most popular kits for excellent self-tattooing. The stick and poke tattoo kit comes with ten needles, which is incredible.

The kit includes 1203rl and 1205rl, allowing the user to select the best one for the job. Furthermore, tattoo needle nipples are great for keeping high stability.

Furthermore, the disposable sticky tape keeps the pen in great condition for precision tattooing. The pens extra-light weight design is fantastic and comfy. It denotes tremendous flexibility because it can be used to draw tattoos naturally. Even when coloring a wider area, it is simple to achieve good results.

Unlike the other kits, this hand poke kit includes ink, making it easier to apply tattoos.

  • Extra black tattoo ink
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel of the highest quality
  • Simple to use and disinfect
  • Ink fades easily.
  • There will be no practise skins.


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