10 Best Vacuums for Husky Hair 2024

Dog grooming is just as vital as human grooming. As a pet owner, you probably notice that your dog’s frequently have hair loss. You must regularly wash their hair to keep them free from such issues and to prevent your home from becoming unclean from their furs being all over.

Fortunately, unlike other breeds of dogs, huskies do not suffer from significant hair fall problems. Due to seasonal variations, huskies only experience two main hair loss seasons. To make sure they are free of all the hair that is dropping during this shedding period, you must groom their hair.

10 Best vacuum for Husky Hair 2023

Dogs require a lot of patience when using vacuum cleaners because it will take some time to become used to them. It can be challenging to determine which vacuum will work best for your pet because there are so many alternatives available on the market for husky hair vacuums. We have put up a list of our top 10 recommendations to meet all of your needs in order to make the process simple for you.

What should I look for in a vacuum for husky hair?

To provide you with the most dependable and effective solutions available on the market, we should take into account a number of variables, including suction power, filtration systems, brush roll design, and user feedback.

10 Best vacuum for Husky Hair

  • 1. Bissell – Husky Hair Eraser Car Vacuum Cleaner – Best Overall
  • 2. BISSELL 2252 CleanView – Best Husky Hair Eraser Vacuum Cleaner – Preferred
  • 3. iRobot Roomba 694 – robotic vacuum cleaner
  • 4. Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • 5. Whall 4 in 1 cordless vacuum cleaner – bendable
  • 6. Hoover MAXLife Pro husky Swivel Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Bagless
  • 7. Crevice tool, brush, built-in headlamps, and a pet upholstery tool
  • 8. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Corded Vacuum – self-adjusting head, telescopic handle
  • 9. Eureka FloorRover vacuum cleaner – for carpets and hard floors
  • 10. Best Handheld Vacuum for Husky Bissell 1782 Pet Hair Eraser

1. Bissell – Husky Hair Eraser Car Vacuum Cleaner – Best Overall

10 Best vacuum for Husky Hair

Price: $68.99

Color: Black and Green

Weight: 3 lbs

Description: The Bissell 1782 Pet Hair Eraser is an excellent option if you require a cordless vacuum that you can take with you wherever your Husky goes. It has a strong motor that readily removes hair from felt-covered furniture, stairs, beneath the bed, and car upholstery. Additionally, the Bissell 1782 Pet Hair Eraser gets rid of all the imbedded filth and hair that come with pet ownership. The Eraser can be used to clean carpets and hardwood floors in addition to automobiles.

  • 1. The cordless BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser hand vacuum can travel wherever your pet does
  • 2. usage specifics: furniture, car interiors, and carpet
  • 3. Strong suction is provided by the motorized foot for deeper cleaning. voltage rating of 14.4
  • 4. A crevice tool is useful for cleaning confined spaces and difficult-to-reach regions. Wand with Telescoping Extension
  • 5. felt upholstery tool attracts more pet hair, cleaning soft surfaces and furniture; Easy-to-empty trash can for quick pet hair removal
  • 6. Designed for pet parents to make it simpler for them to clean up after their pets
  • 1. Short battery life
  • 2. No wall-mounting brackets

2. BISSELL 2252 CleanView – Best Husky Hair Eraser Vacuum Cleaner – Preferred

10 Best vacuum for Husky Hair

Price: $106.44

Color: Green

Weight: 12.5 Pounds

Description: Our best recommendation for getting rid of pet hair is the Bissell 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum, particularly the tenacious hairs that Huskies leave behind. The Bissell 2252’s swivel steering mechanism, which enables smooth manoeuvrability around furniture, stairs, and other obstacles, is one of its distinguishing features. The Bissell 2252 CleanView is made with user comfort in mind in addition to its exceptional cleaning abilities. Its lightweight design makes it simple to move around and handle, which eases strain during prolonged cleaning sessions. The washable foam filter in the hoover is simple to maintain and clean, resulting in a long-lasting performance.

  • 1. Ideal for picking out pet fur; several attachments
  • 2. Easily put together
  • 3. Additionally, the company backs pet foundations.
  • 4. sanitizing several surfaces
  • 5. It is portable and maneuverable.
  • 1. Manually wrapping the cord is required, which is a minor inconvenience.

3. iRobot Roomba 694 – robotic vacuum cleaner

10 Best vacuum for Husky Hair

Color: Black

Weight: 6.8 Pounds

Description: The iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum is a potent and effective cleaning partner that works especially well for getting rid of husky hair. Pet hair is easily removed from carpets, rugs, and hard floors with the Roomba 694’s dual multi-surface brushes and power-lifting suction. The vacuum’s auto-adjustable cleaning head is another impressive component. This guarantees that your carpets and floors are consistently dust and pet-hair-free.

Because the Roomba 694 has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily control it with the iRobot smartphone app or Alexa voice commands. This enables you to plan cleaning sessions, alter settings, and keep an eye on the vacuum’s progress from any location. With its several sophisticated sensors, the Roomba 694 can easily go around furniture. This ensures it covers every nook and cranny of your house, removing every piece of pet hair. Additionally, as it autonomously cleans your house, the Cliff Detect feature stops the hoover from tumbling downstairs, giving you piece of mind.

  • 1. Saves time
  • 2. Strong hoover for husky hair
  • 3. programmed, intelligent, automatic cleaning
  • 4. works across several surfaces
  • 5. obstructions are found thanks to sensors
  • 6. Refuels automatically in 90 minutes.
  • 1. The trash can need to be empty frequently.
  • 2. Before using, cords, wires, etc. must be cleared from the floor.
  • 3. Quite loud.

4. Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

10 Best vacuum for Husky Hair

Color: Silver

Weight: 4.6 Pounds

Description: This upright hoover cleaner serves the same job as the others, just like them! The hoover is equipped with a number of incredible features, including as a 10 kpa powerful suction that is ideal for usage on any surface, including carpets and floors. This vacuum is simple to operate and hassle-free to handle the cable wherever you take it thanks to its cordless design and motorized front head.

This 4-in-1 hoover offers the option of utilizing the hoover for cleaning dog hair off of sofas, floors and curtains. There are several brushes for various uses that can be employed in accordance with the needs. The battery may run continuously for 35 minutes while sucking up all the debris, filth, and dog hair.

Another quality that qualifies this hoover for use with huskies is the absence of any noise that can frighten or irritate your dog in any manner.

  • 1. 4 in 1 motorized forceful suction function
  • 2. Handheld

5. Whall 4 in 1 cordless vacuum cleaner – bendable

10 Best vacuum for Husky Hair

Price: $159.99

Color: Black and Orange

Weight: 8.42 pounds

Description: This Whall Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with 25kPa Suction capacity 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is having 280W Brushless Motor. It has 55 minute runtime is also Lightweight Handheld Vacuum for your home Floor, Carpet and Pet Hairs.

  • 1. Without bending over, the collapsible tube can effortlessly clear the dust from underneath a table, sofa, and bed.
  • 2. The hoover with a 2-in-1 brush included in the new nozzle kit makes it simple to clean up high, low and awkward spaces and cars, furniture, stairs and keyboards.
  • 3. Meet different needs

6. Hoover MAXLife Pro husky Swivel Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Bagless

10 Best vacuum for Husky Hair

Price: $209.99

Color: Black

Weight: 17 Pounds

Description: The MaxLife Pro Pet Swivel is prepared to go wherever your pet goes. This powerful hoover steers effortlessly and provides a thorough clean on all types of flooring because it is designed to access all the areas where messes often lurk readily. Additionally, because it is built with our innovative MAXLife System, the MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel provides pet owners with the powerful suction they need for cleaning and keeps working like new for three times as long.

  • 1. Multipurpose pet tools remove tenacious pet hair and grime from hard-to-reach places like furniture, stairs, and carpeting
  • 2. 1320 watts of power particular uses carpet, hardwood, and dual action
  • 3. 99% of particles are captured and contained by a filter, preventing them from reentering the air.
  • 4. Use the onoff brush roll to easily navigate around objects and into small spots on carpet and hard surfaces while leaving no messes behind.
  • 5. Less visits to the garbage can result from a large, simple dirt cup, making cleaning more convenient.
  • 6. the improved MAXLife System provides longer-lasting suction to maintain top performance without routine filter maintenance.
  • 7. Crevice tool, brush, built-in headlamps, and a pet upholstery tool

7. Crevice tool, brush, built-in headlamps, and a pet upholstery tool

10 Best vacuum for Husky Hair

Price: $199.99

Color: White

Weight: 13.7 Pounds

Description: With a removable lift away pod, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E 26 can tackle both above-ground problems and thorough carpet cleaning. The upright hoover cleaner provides you with a thorough cleaning over multiple surfaces.

  • 1. Lift the removable pod out of the way to conveniently clean anything above the floor, including furniture and stairs.59.84 inch length of the hose. 300 inches of cord.
  • 2. Traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the hoover with the use of a HEPA filter. (Based on the particles in ASTM F1977.a 3 micron minimum.)
  • 3. Change from having more maneuverability on thick carpets to gently washing the bare floor.
  • 4. Removes loose dirt and pet hair.
  • 5. Effectively removes pet dander from furniture and other surfaces.
  • 6. Your hoover is simple to move in and out of small spaces, around furniture and more.
  • 7. Capacity of 2.2 quarts for extended cleaning sessions. The dust cup is removed, and the debris is quickly emptied.
  • 8. For flexible cleaning, reach corners, baseboards, confined places, and ceilings.

8. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Corded Vacuum – self-adjusting head, telescopic handle

10 Best vacuum for Husky Hair

Price: $412.00

Color: silver

Weight: 17.39 Pounds

Description: This product easily manoeuvres around furniture and other obstructions for thorough cleaning. It is designed to handle demanding duties on all floors. It is a powerful carpet, wood, vinyl, and tile cleaning. In this void to seal in suction across all floors, an active base plate mechanically raises and lowers. It deep cleans filth all throughout the house when combined with a strong motorized brush bar. One swift, effortless motion releases both the hose and the wand. Without a brush bar for the hair to wrap around, counter-rotating brush heads remove hair from carpets and upholstery. To release the dirt, simply press the button. It is designed for quick, efficient stair cleaning. Advanced whole-machine filtration removes cleaner air by trapping 99.97% of fine dust as small as 0.3 microns.

  • 1. Ball engineering
  • 2. even additional force for challenging tasks
  • 3. High-reach wand with an instant-release cleaning head
  • 4. an untangled turbine tool

9. Eureka FloorRover vacuum cleaner – for carpets and hard floors

10 Best vacuum for Husky Hair

Price: $148.49


Weight: 14.5 Pounds

Size: 12.36 x 12.24 x 42.94 inches

Description: All floor types, including DEEP carpets, may be moved smoothly because to the Easy-Glide Wheels and swivel steering. This is an automatic adaptable for effective cleaning by detecting the kind of floor. It is perfect for Husky owners because it catches 99.97% of dust and allergens and doesn’t lose suction. It also includes a detachable handle that can be linked to the hose for up to 12 feet of above-floor cleaning reach and a 35 foot extra-long chord. Pet Turbo Brush, a multi-angle adapter, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush are among the on-board extras.

  • 1. Simple to use
  • 2. Automatic modifications to height
  • 3. Enhanced flexibility and reach for cleaning
  • 4. Additions
  • 5. HEPA filter and a multi-cyclone filtering system

10. INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 6-in-1 Rechargeable Stick

10 Best vacuum for Husky Hair

Price: $99.97

Color: Black, blue

Weight: 3 Pounds

Description: The Bissell 1782 Pet Hair Eraser is a fantastic option if you need a cordless vacuum that can travel with your Husky. It has a robust engine that effortlessly removes hair from felt-covered furniture, stairs, beneath the bed, and the interior of your car. The Bissell 1782 Pet Hair Eraser also gets rid of all the filth and imbedded hair that come with pet ownership. You may clean carpets and hardwood surfaces with the Eraser in addition to vehicles.

  • 1. superior suction
  • 2. Ideal for removing pet hair from small places
  • 3. Portable Versatile
  • 4. simple assembly

Buyer’s Guide

1. Suction Power

Huskies have tenacious hair, and their dander and fur easily ingrain themselves into carpets and upholstery. To efficiently lift and remove pet hair from various surfaces, look for a hoover with strong suction.

2. Brush Roll Design

Choose a hoover that has a particular pet hair-handling brush roll. To avoid blockages brought on by long, dense husky fur, look for models with features like anti-tangle technology or self-cleaning brush rolls.

3. Filtration System

Particularly for those who suffer from allergies, a reliable filtering system is essential. Pet dander and other microscopic particles can be captured by vacuums with HEPA filters, reducing the amount of airborne allergens.

4. Accessories

Pick a hoover that includes pet-specific add-ons like dust brushes and crevice cleaning nozzles. These attachments are helpful for getting into tight spaces like upholstery, corners, and edges where husky hair tends to collect.


1. Which is better, an upright or handheld vacuum cleaner?

If your home is carpeted, an upright hoover can help remove dirt and hair from materials with a high pile. Lightweight stick/handheld vacuums are also a fantastic option if you require a very maneuverable hoover.

2. Tips for Reducing Husky Hair on Your Floor

  • 1. Cleaning your bare floors and carpets with a window squeegee with a particularly long handle could be a terrific solution.
  • 2. When doing laundry, use a lint remover.
  • 3. Routine grooming.

3. How often should you vacuum your husky?

The Siberian husky does need to be bathed and vaccum frequently. This exceedingly gregarious dog can be bathed every day up to once every six weeks.

4. How many months do a husky change its coat?

They typically blow their coats twice per year, in the spring and autumn. In regions with a warmer climate, huskies can shed all year long.

5. Do Husky hairs need a vacuum with a HEPA filter?

Yes, It is perfect for pets.

6. How to prevent husky hair from clogging the vacuum cleaner?

Cut the mesh bag in half and grab it. Then, fasten it around the vacuum hose’s end with a hair tie, piece of string, or rubber band. Hair, dirt, and other minute particles can be sucked up by the mesh, but larger objects will be prevented before they can cause a problem.


The BISSELL Husky Hair Eraser Car Vacuum Cleaner outperforms all other vacuums when weighed against their pros and disadvantages because it has all the necessary functions, is incredibly durable, and is simple to use. This hoover will give you all the functionality you want without burning a hole in your wallet.

One of your essential responsibilities as a pet owner is to keep your home tidy and your pet’s coat well-groomed. When you have the best hoover to meet all of your needs in your possession, doing this is simple. Our list of the top 10 husky vacuums will make it simple for you to choose the model that best suits your requirements and price range. Due to the shedding season for huskies, vacuums make it very simple for you to clean your home, carpet, or floors and remove all the dog hair. With the aid of these vacuum cleaners, the huskies’ two main hair-shedding seasons can be readily managed.


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