10 Best Harness for Husky 2024

Huskies, which were developed as sled-pulling dogs, have powerful physique and a tremendous will to advance. It’s a good idea to train your Husky to walk gently on a leash, but it’s not always simple to do. A Husky harness can help in this situation. A husky harness can be used to learn your dog proper leash manners and control his energy when out on walks.

Best Harness for Husky

Finding a harness that fits your Husky might be challenging because of the breed’s big size and muscular form. It’s crucial to choose a harness based on your husky’s precise measurements rather than his weight or the opinions of other Husky owners because Huskies come in a wide range of sizes and weights. Please measure your husky by wrapping a measuring tape around his neck and the broadest portion of his chest. Use these measurements as your size reference, adding two extra inches to each to ensure the harness won’t be too small.

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10 Best harness for husky 2023

  • 1. Rabbitgoo Husky Harness, No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips
  • 2. Paw Five CORE-1 Husky Harness
  • 3. BABYLTRL No Pull Husky Harness with Leash & Collar
  • 4. HDP Big Husky Soft No Pull Harness Size
  • 5. PoyPet No Pull Husky Harness
  • 6. BARKBAY No Pull Husky Harness Front Clip
  • 7. Chai’s Choice Premium Outdoor Husky Harness – Best Overall
  • 8. Front Range Husky Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness
  • 9. Eagloo Husky Harness for Large Dogs No Pull
  • 10. ARTIST Husky Weight Pulling Harness for husky

1. Rabbitgoo Husky Harness, No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips

Best Harness for Husky

Size: Large

Brand: Rabbitgoo

Material: Polyester, Nylon

Description: This harness’s front and rear clips, which allow me to switch between them as needed, is my favorite feature. They are designed precisely to disperse pressure over the body evenly. Many harnesses end up creating rashes and scars on the dog’s sensitive body parts. However, the mesh material of the RabbitGoo harness is gentle on the Husky’s skin and doesn’t leave any bruising or scarring. The front clip-on can be utilized while teaching the Husky to walk without pulling. Use the back clip-on for a more comfortable walking experience. Huskies, whose leash pulling is generally manageable, benefit greatly from it.

  • 1. Thanks to the dual clips, You can choose the type of walking experience you wish to have with your Husky.
  • 2. It is portable and appropriate for larger dogs with wider chests, like Huskies.
  • 3. The V-ring and O-ring on the chest, 2 metal leash rings, serve several purposes. So you can efficiently alternate between casual walking and heeling. The strong handle at the back makes it possible to loop the seat belt, ensuring the security of your Husky while riding in the automobile.
  • 4. With 4 buckles and a full range of adjustment, this pet harness is fully adjustable and simple to put on, reducing the likelihood of resistance.
  • 5. It is manufactured with premium components.
  • 1. This harness may not function properly if it is not installed properly.
  • 2. Dual harnesses that don’t fit properly might make it difficult for the Husky to walk and can result in musculoskeletal issues.
  • 3. The size chart can be difficult to comprehend when ordering online.

2. Paw Five CORE-1 Husky Harness

Best Harness for Husky

Size: Medium (Girth: 27″ – 32″)

Price: $39.99


Material: Nylon

Description: For all walks of life and excursions, a lifelong product is guaranteed by the sturdy outer layer, safety belts, heavy-duty D-ring, and buckle. This Paw Five harness is perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities because it is comfortable and water-resistant.

  • 1. Husky waste bag dispenser built-in
  • 2. A sturdy outer shell that is watertight
  • 3. Snap buckles and heavy-duty D-rings
  • 4. Top handle with padding for greater control.
  • Not specified

3. BABYLTRL No Pull Husky Harness with Leash & Collar

Best Harness for Husky

Size: Large

Price: $16.88


Material: Clip, Buckle

Description: With four quick-release buckles (2 on the neck and 2 on your bare chest), the BABYLTRL Husky vest harness allows you to put it on the dog’s side of the neck rather than its head. By efficiently reducing the Husky’s resistance, this method of dressing makes it easier for you to put it on or take it off rapidly. This premium Babyltrl harness is well padded, which makes it an incredibly comfortable option for your Husky.

  • 1. Two D-ring leash attachments, one of which is a chest-mounted no-pull model.
  • 2. Handle on the rear that makes it simple for you to grasp your Husky
  • 3. Reflective piping that increases the visibility of your Husky in low light
  • 4. Adaptable straps for a personalized fit.

4. HDP Big Husky Soft No Pull Harness Size

Best Harness for Husky

Size: HDP

Price: $22.99

Brand: Large

Material: Polyester

Description: An excited launch with BIG Husky NO PULL HARNESS WITHOUT A CHOKE. The best-functioning harness available is called a harness. Ideal for aged and hard pulling dogs has simple click buckles that stop your Husky from escaping the harness. Unlike a collar, this harness won’t strangle dogs that pull too hard. Instead, the Husky’s large chest evenly distributes pressure across its chest and shoulders, making this the most comfortable walk your dog has ever had. This Husky harness, which is made for medium and big dogs, has a broad, cushioned chest strap to evenly distribute weight and keep your dog comfortable while minimizing pulling.

  • 1. No-choke style is ideal for strong pullers.
  • 2. made using strong but light materials
  • 3. Movement-friendly centre D-ring attachment
  • 4. Wide chest strap with padding for more comfort

5. PoyPet No Pull Husky Harness

Best Harness for Husky

Size: Medium

Price: $14.99

Brand: Poypet

Material: 2 Metal Leash Attachment, 3 Quick Release Buckles and 4 Adjustable Slide Buckles, Nylon, Wear-resistant Oxford Surface, Breathable Air Mesh with Soft Padded Cushion

Description: This no-pull Husky collar contains two belly straps with simple buckles and one more locked closure. Easy on and off with quick-snap buckle on neckline, so no need to reposition straps over dog’s head each time. The LED light in the PoyPet Husky harness makes your Husky visible and safe at night. It is lightweight.

  • 1. two places for attaching a leash for better control
  • 2. Straps made of elastic lessen the impact of jerky movements.
  • 3. made of breathable mesh and padding
  • 4. available in a huge range of hues

6. BARKBAY No Pull Husky Harness Front Clip

Best Harness for Husky

Size: Large (Chest:27-32″)

Price: $18.95


Material: Nylon

Description: The outer layer of this stylish, sturdy, scratch-resistant Oxford cloth harness is incredibly comfy for your pet. A light-weight buckle with a high loading capacity significantly increases the tensile strength. Lightweight, comfortable mesh lining, with soft sponge padding in the chest and belly. The chest and belly have extra-soft sponge padding, providing all-day comfort for long walks, runs, and treks. In order to keep your puppy safe and visible at night, the straps and the back-front harness are stitched with luminescent reflective material along their entire lengths.

  • 1. Built with anti-chafe padding, lightweight No Rip Nylon, and four adjustment points for an almost personalised fit.
  • 2. Comfortable and HASSLE-FREE to Put On and Take Off
  • 3. Ultra-reflective strips on the Back and Chest to Keep Your Husky Visible Even at Night 2 Sturdy Metal Leash Attachment Points
  • 4. Top Simple Lift Handle for further security and command

7. Chai’s Choice Premium Outdoor Husky Harness – Best Overall

Best Harness for Husky

Size: Medium

Price: $26.95

Brand: Chai’s Choice

Material: Nylon, Mesh

Description: Harness by Chai’s Choice, a premium brand. This collar has padded belly and chest straps to provide your Husky lots of comfort while still keeping them safely fastened. In order to avoid injury, it also releases pressure on the neck. Your Husky will be visible even in low light thanks to 3M reflective material, increasing safety. Additionally, this harness has a handle on the top that you may use to fasten your dog into your vehicle securely. You can easily alter a Chai’s Choice harness so that it fits your pet thanks to its range of sizes, colours, and adjustable straps.

  • 1. Comfortable chest and strap padding
  • 2. Husky car seat belt handle relieves neck pressure
  • 1. Several issues about the harness’s size are present.
  • 2. Some Huskies find it offensive when the head is touched.

8. Front Range Husky Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness

Best Harness for Husky

Size: Small

Price: $49.95

Brand: Ruffwear

Material: Aluminium, metal

Description: A cushioned everyday harness that is simple to put on and cosy for dogs to wear, the revised Front Range Harness is available. Two leash attachment points are provided on the harness: an aluminium V-ring positioned in the middle of the Husky’s back for routine walks and strengthened webbing at the Husky’s chest for pulling dogs. Four adjustment points, reflective trim, an ID pocket, and a light loop for the Beacon safety light (available separately) are all included with the Front Range. It’s offered in a range of hues that match the Front Range Collar and Leash.

  • 1. suitable for all-day outdoor experiences, lightweight, strong; created for ease of use
  • 2. Added control and resistance to pulling are provided by the reinforced webbing at the chest (which is also good for training);
  • 3. foam-padded strips across the chest and belly offer equal load distribution and comfort when running, walking, or resting. They also have 4 practical adjustment points for full range of motion.
  • 4. ID pocket for secure tag storage for your Husky

9. Eagloo Husky Harness for Large Dogs No Pull

Best Harness for Husky

Size: Large

Price: $14.99

Brand: Brand: Eagloo

Material: Mesh

Description: Enjoying the outdoors with your pet with this Eagloo No Pull Husky Vest Harness is a blast. Discover the harness, then set out on a memorable journey with your companion. Enjoying the outdoors with your pet with the Eagloo No Pull Husky Vest Harness is a blast. Discover the harness, then set out on a memorable journey with your companion. provide you greater control over your dog’s course so they can learn to heel and become less inclined to pull.

  • 1. Simple to Use
  • 2. No pull and improved control
  • 3. more secure Comfortable
  • 4. Durability & Sturdiness
  • 5. fits dogs between medium and large

10. ARTIST Husky Weight Pulling Harness for husky

Best Harness for Husky

Size: L:Neck 16.5″(42cm),Back:21-25″(54-64cm)

Price: $37.99


Material: Mesh

Description: Printed neoprene cushioned nylon webbing that is kind to pets’ skin is thick, resilient, soft, and comfy overall. Simple to put on, the neck collar can be slightly adjusted. Design of the chest and abdomen: The mesh pad on the front chest’s force-bearing surface provides comfort and breathability. The webbing won’t impact the front and back legs on either side. The canine also urinates regularly. Tail Design: The tail part’s adjustable size makes it simple to attach a leash hook or load-bearing machinery. Four reflective pads provide for a safe and visible nighttime travel experience. Design of Simple Structures outstanding craftsmanship, double stitching, and tensile strength to handle heavy loads.

  • 1. Back Length: 21-25″ (54-64cm), Neck: 16.5″ (42cm),To ensure that the PET ARTIST beautiful Husky pulling harness will fit your Husky comfortably, carefully measure its NECK and consult the SIZE CHART before placing your purchase.
  • 2. Bohemian design, with color-blocking patterns, gives the item a unique and lovely appearance. It is made of polyester fabric with high-quality cotton filling for a comfortable hand feel, and the traction end has adjustable double-layer webbing that is simple to use with a leash.
  • 3. Reflector design elements are also added to the design, considering the need to go out at night, which can improve safety.

11. Buyer Guide

Material Consideration

We should choose a mesh material which is breathable and fast drying. The mesh material is especially useful when it is raining, but we should try to use dry harness to avoid the Husky feeling uncomfortable.


For the color, we can choose the brighter color such as green, yellow, etc. because this color can be more obvious in the dark place.

Easy to wear

Ease of wear is very important for dogs, as dogs don’t like to wear Harness at first, so more easy to wear Harness is better for Huskies.

By carefully measuring the neck and chest and aiming to ensure a perfect fit, we should refer to the brand-specific sizing chart and choose a larger size if the size is not clear.

Size and fit

The size must be chosen to fit the harness with the Husky to ensure it is not restrictive. Leave two fingers of space between the Husky and the harness to avoid discomfort.

The design of the harness should echo the celebration of unobstructed movement, carefully avoiding a design that impinges on the legs, thus protecting your faithful companion from physical ailments.

12. How to choose the right harness

Huskies vary greatly in size and weight range, so choosing a harness becomes crucial, and a meticulous measuring process should be orchestrated to create a customized harness for the Husky, using a tape measure to encircle the widest area of his chest and the most vulnerable area of his neck, with an extra two inches added to each measurement to create a comfortable space.


1. Can harnesses encourage pulling?

They don’t, though. It’s a popular fallacy that harnesses make dogs pull and that they can’t be used to train dogs to walk loosely on a leash.

2. How do you ensure the harness is not too tight or loose?

You can determine if the harness is excessively tight by applying the two fingers rule. It fits well if two fingers can be comfortably inserted between your Husky’s girth and the harness.

3. What are the signs of a well-fitted harness?

When standing or sitting, make sure the harness is not too tight or squeezing anyplace on the body; you should be able to fit two fingers beneath the straps.

Ensure the girth strap is not pressing into the back of the front legs or resting behind the ribcage and pointing towards the stomach.

4. Are there harnesses suitable for jogging with your Husky?

The running harness is a great option for huskies who occasionally enjoy running and pulling. It is made simple to put on and take off the Husky for a short walk and is lightweight and comfy.


Finding a harness that makes walking fun for you and your Husky is essential for Huskies as large and powerful as Huskies. We wish you luck in locating the ideal harness for the husky in your life using this list.

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